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Welcome to Mathematics University! That is the name I give my math classes because I incorporate as much college prep as I can into the skills and knowledge that students build through each lesson. The structure of my class also mimics the structure of college courses, in which concepts are briefly introduced by me but students continue learning independently inside and outside the classroom. This may be a little different than what students are used to, but it will strengthen their ability to process information and facilitate their transition into the world of collegiate academics. I expect a lot from my students, but I also do everything I can to make sure they succeed, so I look forward to working with your child!


Since a large part of learning happens outside the classroom, communication between myself and other stakeholders in my students' life is paramount. Whether out of celebration or concern, I try my best to be in constant contact with parents, guardians, coaches, etc. I send home a family survey at the beginning of each year to request your preferences in terms of communication to make it as convenient as possible for both of us. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the class or your child's progression.  


One thing is undoubtedly true- my classes are tough. The material that I cover, questions that I ask, and assignments that I give are deeply thought-provoking and take a thorough understanding to complete. If you are interested in providing extra support at home to help your child succeed in my class, encourage them to spend time outside of class strengthening their procedural knowledge by participating in any of my at-home extra credit opportunities, including...

- CK-12

- Khan Academy

- CPALMS Support Assignments

Most of these require a class code which I am happy to provide at any time throughout the year. These will not only improve grades but improve understanding and make mastery of other concepts even easier.

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